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Standby Pre-Board Assignments

Date: October 27, 2020

When a Standby is assigned to pre-board, the expectation should always be that the Flight Attendant will be taking the flight, regardless of any verbal expectation that may have been set by the scheduler.

Remember, the assignment must be made by the end of the 4th hour of Standby, and the assigned flight must be scheduled to depart before the end of the 5th hour from Standby check-in, except when the company is in a drafting situation. 


NOTE: If initially assigned to pre-board by the end of the 4th hour of Standby, but the determination the Flight Attendant will need to take the flight is made after the end of the 4th hour, it is treated as if the Flight Attendant was assigned to the pairing when assigned to the pre-board.


Additional Pre-Boarding Considerations

  • Standbys are limited to four (4) pre-boarding assignments per Standby period.
  • If the pre-boarding assignment extends beyond the 4-hour Standby period, the Flight Attendant will be paid and credited with one hour (1:00) toward her/his line value in addition to the minimum five-hour (5:00) Standby pay and credit.
  • A Reserve who is given a pre-boarding assignment which extends after the end of the Standby period will be released at the end of the assignment, and in no event will be required to stay beyond one (1) hour after the conclusion of the Standby period.

The 35-in-7 rule applies only to Reserve Flight Attendants and states that a Reserve may not be scheduled to exceed 35:00 flight hours in any 7 consecutive 24:00 hour periods. This legality is waivable, however, remember that if you do so during bidding it is for the entire month.  Notably, if you elect to waive during Reserve Preferencing, it then it applies to that single pairing.


A Reserve may elect to waive this legality by selecting the 35-in-7 Reserve Waiver Box on the Primary Line Bidding screen during the monthly bid submission. For more information on 35-in-7 and Reserve Preferencing, please refer to the Reserve Guide



  • Reserves may not be rescheduled to exceed 35-in-7 without their consent. 
  • The 35-in-7 rule only applies to Domestic pairings; not International pairings. Therefore, when looking at any 7 consecutive 24:00 hour periods: 
  • If a Reserve is assigned only Domestic pairings, or a mix of both Domestic and International pairings, the 35-in-7 rule shall apply. 
  • If a Reserve is assigned only International pairings, the 35-in-7 rule shall not apply. 
  • The 35-in-7 rule only applies to actual working flight time (block time) not deadheading or credit time or rigs if applicable. 
  • The 35-in-7 rule is for schedule planning purposes only. If flight time increases during the actual operation of the pairing, the Flight Attendant must fly out the pairing, even if 35-in-7 is exceeded. 

If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council.



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