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Pass Travel Seniority for those on Involuntary Furlough Status

Date: October 3, 2020

Today being the first day many of our members are on involuntary furlough status, we are starting to get some questions about Pass Travel Seniority that suggests there may be some confusion. There are some important differences between Flight Attendants on IVF, Voluntary Furlough, or in the IVFMP.

Flight Attendants placed on IVF status are technically separated from the employment of the company. As a result, these employees are no longer active and for travel purposes, these employees travel much like retirees. Conversely, Flight Attendants on voluntary furlough status and those participating in the IVFMP both remain active employees.

For pass travel purposes, employees on IVF travel on the accrued seniority they had at the time of their IVF separation and will travel after all active employees. This means, if at the time of IVF separation, the employee had three (3) years of seniority, for the six-month period following the initial date of involuntary furlough, she/he will be boarded for pass travel with three years of service in the same way a retiree who left the company with 35 years of service maintains her/his 35 years of service. This means that with each advancing month, for the purpose of pass travel, she/he will see what appears to be an adjustment to her/his seniority when pass traveling.

Because those on voluntary furlough and in the IVFMP remain active employees, for pass travel purposes she/he travels with other active employees using her/his board (company) seniority date.

However, when recalled from involuntary furlough and based on our IVFMP agreement with the company, upon return to active status she/he will have accrued all of the time intervening from involuntary furlough to the date of recall and once again as an active employee, she/he will be boarded based on her/his board (company) seniority date in seniority order among all active employees.

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