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Vacation Bidding & Involuntary Furlough

Date: October 30, 2020


Flight Attendants who have been placed on involuntary furlough should be aware they do not need to bid 2021 vacation periods.  As part of the involuntary furlough process, these Flight Attendants were paid for their 2021 vacation as part of their final paycheck.  

Because the vacation programming occurred before the involuntary furlough, the accrued 2021 vacation was loaded into Vacation Accrual letters and the vacation program. At that time, no one had been placed on an involuntary furlough and everyone was optimistic that the CARES Act would be enacted. While those on involuntary furlough may see vacation days available to them to bid in CCS, in fact, these days will not be awarded through the vacation bid process. 

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