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Out of Base (OOB) Pick-ups are Not Eligible for Trading

Date: October 8, 2020

JCBA Section 7.J

As outlined in Chapter 10 of the Trip Trades and Adjustment guide, Flight Attendants may pick up trips from open time or advertisements in bases other than their own, subject to the specified requirements of section 7.J of our JCBA provisions. 


  • Less than fourteen hours (14:00) prior to departure, you may pick up any advertised trips from another Flight Attendant in any base, provided you have the designated special qualification for the advertised trip if any. 
  • Less than fourteen hours (14:00) prior to departure. You may pick up trips from open time in any base, regardless of special qualifications. 
  • If you wish to pick up a trip from open time that requires a special qualification and you don’t have that specified qualification, you must contact Crew Scheduling to process this pick-up. Crew Scheduling may deny your request if they anticipate that a Reserve with the required qualification will be used to cover the pairing. 

As a reminder, once a Flight Attendant has picked up an Out of Base pairing, the pairing can no longer be traded for another pairing. Our JCBA Out of Base Trade provision is specific to open time and advertised pick-ups, not trip trading. Therefore, mutual trades between Flight Attendants located in different bases are not provided for under the provisions of Section 7.J. -Out of Base Trades in our JCBA.

Flight Attendants are permitted to engage in Flight Attendant to Flight Attendant trades as long as the trade is accomplished by trading to a Flight Attendant assigned to the base from which the pairing originates and is in exchange for days off. However, this type of trade can only be accomplished by contacting Crew Scheduling. 

Additional information concerning the Out of Base (OOB) pick-up provisions can be found on our website, unitedafa.org, and in the following publications:

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