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Furlough Mitigation Partnerships – Temporary Dissolution

Date: November 4, 2020

We’re hearing there may be some questions about what happens to a Partnership when one person in a Furlough Mitigation Partnership takes a Special COLA or become temporarily inactive.

Section 16 – Job Share and Partnership Flying Programs provides direction as to how these circumstances are to be addressed.  Specifically, Section 16.D.2. addresses the Temporary Dissolution of a Partnership when a Flight Attendant in a partnership becomes temporarily inactive.

When this happens, the remaining partner shall bid for lines of flying using her/his own seniority and shall drop trips or Reserve days of availability, if applicable, to comply with the requirements to split the schedule (Section 16.C.3.) and to bring her/his monthly maximum within the fifty-five (55) hour pay and credit limitation (Section 16.C.4.).

This process will be followed until the other partner returns to active status or the partnership ends, whichever occurs sooner.

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