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No Activity Line (NAL) Schedule Bidding Available for December

Date: November 6, 2020

Because the company will not be offering Special COLAs at other than GUM and LHR, Flight Attendants at all bases and satellites where there are IVFMP participants at the base may elect to bid a No Activity Line (NAL) schedule. As a reminder, NAL schedules are empty lines with no assigned flying. Flight Attendants awarded NAL schedules may elect to not fly for the month, or may elect to pick up pairings through advertisements, up to 35 hours for the month. The 35-hour restriction limits the amount of time you are able to pick up from advertisements and is not a pay limitation.  If you have vacation during the month, those vacation hours are paid in addition to the 35 hours picked up from advertisements and do not limit your ability to pick up from ADs.

Those in the IVFMP, as a default, may fly a regular schedule if all the NAL are awarded to more senior Flight Attendants. If there is not a sufficient number of more senior Flight Attendants who elect to fly one of the NAL schedules assigned at the base, NAL schedules will be assigned in inverse order of seniority to those participating in the IVFMP. If you are an IVFMP participant and wish to be assigned an NAL schedule, you should bid for an NAL schedule. Keep in mind, however, you may be assigned to a regular schedule if more senior Flight Attendants bid for the NAL schedules.

To bid for a NAL schedule, in CCS under the bidding tab, select No Activity Line (NAL) Bid no later than 12:00 Noon CT on Friday, November 13, 2020.

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