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Annual Enrollment Correction Period & Spousal Coverage Costs

Date: November 11, 2020


Many Flight Attendants choose to default their insurance to the same coverage from one year to the next, without making any changes.  In doing so, you may have missed some options that could save you money, by comparing plans.  For those who may not have compared plans, or wish to make a change, there is still time.  Although the Annual Open Enrollment period is over, you can make changes before the end of the year.  

You may review and compare plan information and make a change by calling the Benefits Center (UABC).  Likewise, if you have a spouse or domestic partner, you can take this review period to see if their coverage may be more beneficial, or splitting your coverage instead of including them in yours may be the right decision.  

Each of our circumstances are different, but we encourage everyone, regardless of what coverage options you selected to take the opportunity to review your choices and make sure they make the most sense.  The Benefits Center is open M-F 7a-7p Central Time, and may be reached at 800-651-1007.

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