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Vacation Bidding When Transferring

Date: November 11, 2020

We have received questions regarding Flight Attendants who are currently bidding for vacation in one base and will be transferring to a new base over the next several weeks. 

The Vacation award system looks to see where you will be as of January 1st to determine the allotment from which you will be awarded.  For example, a Flight Attendant who is currently based in EWR but is transferring to FLL on November 30, would be bidding her/his Secondary Vacation based on the FLL vacation allotment, because this is where they will be located in January.  

Additionally, any vacation awarded while at the prior base from the First Vacation Award will follow the Flight Attendant to the new base location.

The same process will follow when we get to the Vacation modification process.  Flight Attendants who have transferred to a new base, or will be transferring, will be eligible for seniority vacation trades, trades with other Flight Attendants and trading with vacation open time based on allocations at the new base.  An in-depth explanation of all these processes is available on our Vacation Page.  Please contact your Local Council with any questions.

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