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E-Lines: November 13, 2020

Date: November 13, 2020

GUM Surplus Triggers System-Wide Transfer November 25 


With the unfortunate announcement of management’s intent to surplus 75 Flight Attendants from GUM, there will be a system wide transfer on November 25.


The announcement provides for the following vacancies:





























Our Contract provides that all Flight Attendants on the system seniority list, not just those who are subject to surplus from GUM, are eligible for this initial transfer.  If you have any transfer requests on file, now would be a good time to review them and be certain to remove any transfers for which you no longer have an interest. As a reminder, if you decline a transfer or fail to respond to the transfer award, both are treated as refusals and you will be restricted from submitting another transfer for a period of three (3) months from the date of refusing to transfer.


You may submit up to two choices, any time between now and when the System Transfer closes on November 24 at 2359 Home Domicile Time (HDT).

 NAL Schedules Awarded Today for All Locations except LHR & GUM


Today, NAL schedules were awarded for all domicile locations with the exception of GUM and LHR.  You can check the status of your award by returning to the Bidding tab and selecting the No Activity Line (NAL) menu item.  Award lists are in the process of being developed for publication are expected to be completed later today.


Just a couple of reminders:   If you are already in the Furlough Mitigation Partnership Program (FMP), you are not eligible to be awarded an NAL schedule.  In addition, if you are in an International Purser base, because there are no IVFMP participants in any of the International Purser bases.  International Pursers who seek to be awarded an NAL schedule must first opt out of the International Purser base before submitting a bid for the NAL schedules.

 Reserve Review: Reserve “Short-Calls”

MEC Reserve Committee


Given the unprecedented reduction in force caused by the ongoing effects of COVID-19 on our industry, it is not surprising there has been a noticeable change in both the Reserve demographics and dynamics across the system, subsequent to October 1, 2020. 


The combination of a smaller Reserve population, as well a different seniority group being subject to Reserve (many of whom are on Reserve for the first time under the scheduling provisions of the current Contract), has understandably resulted in an increased number of questions regarding various Reserves processes.


In effort to address these questions, we will be continuing our series of “Reserve Review” articles that will be posted regularly on the Reserve Resources page of the MEC website. This week, we review Reserve “Short-Calls.”


As a reminder, there are many other valuable resources available on the Reserve page, including the Reserve Survival GuideReserve Preferencing tutorial videosCommittee reports and other articles.


If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council Reserve Committee.

 Second Round Vacation Bid Period Closes November 16. 


Second Vacation Bids opened on November 8 and will close this Monday November 16, at 0800 HDT.  With everything going on in recent weeks, it’s important to remember to plan for next year’s vacation, especially if there are time periods off that are important to you.


Keep in mind, that if you do not submit a bid, or have an insufficient bid, you will be automatically assigned a vacation. The vacation you may be assigned will be after all the second-round vacation awards have been completed for those Flight Attendants who did submit a sufficient bids.  In this instance, your assigned vacation will be made in seniority order from December backwards through January, with the largest block of days being assigned first.


Vacation Timeline



Open Vacation Election Period

By September 25


Close Election Period

On October 15

By 0800 HDT

Begin First Vacation Bid Period

By October 23


Close First Vacation Bid Period

On October 31

By 0800 HDT

Post First Vacation Awards

By November 4


Begin Second Vacation Bid Period

By November 8


Close Second Vacation Bid Period

On November 16

By 0800 HDT

Post Second Vacation Awards

By November 20


Vacation Allocations Published

By November 24


Trades Awarded by Seniority

On November 30


Final Vacation Allocations Published

By December 4


Instant Trading Open

On December 5



For additional information regarding 2021 Vacation bidding reference the 2021 vacation page on Unitedafa.org.

 Virtual Meeting of the Master Executive Council. 


A meeting of the United Master Executive Council will be conducted on Thursday, November 19 and Friday, November 20, 2020; starting at 9:00am Central Time. Given the current impact from the COVID-19 pandemic, an in-person meeting is not possible and this meeting will be conducted via Zoom™. Our Zoom meeting has been built to accommodate up to 1,000 Members in order to facilitate a productive and successful meeting. 


This meeting will be open to Members in good standing and eligibility will be verified. Registration is required and must be completed by 9:00 AM Central Time on Monday, November 16, 2020 on a first-come, first served basis. Once registered, Members will be provided the link to access the meeting.  However, this unique link may not be shared.  Instructions on the link will advise participants that sharing of registration credentials will result in removal from the meeting and access to the meeting via those shared credentials will be invalidated.  


There are two registration links one for each day.  If you wish to view/attend both days, you should register for both.  Register in advance, no later than 9:00AM CT on Monday, November 16, 2020 for this meeting:

When: Thursday, Nov 19, 2020 09:00 AM – 12:00 N Central Time


Register in advance for this meeting:



When: Friday, Nov 20, 2020 09:00 AM – 12:00 N Central Time


Register in advance for this meeting:



After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

 Georgia Senatorial Seats Headed to a Runoff Election


Georgia is the only state in the country that had two senate seats on the ballot. Now, these senatorial seats are up for an historic runoff election on January 5, 2021. In Georgia, races go to a runoff when neither of the candidates wins the required majority of votes. 


The Runoffs

Republican Senator and incumbent David Perdue and Democrat Challenger John Ossoff.

Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler and Democrat challenger Raphael Warnock will also face a runoff. This race is a special election to fill the seat vacated by Republican Senator Johnny Isakson, who departed at the end of 2019 due to medical issues.


Important Dates for Georgia Residents

Voters can request an absentee ballot now. Those ballots will not be sent out in the mail until after November 18.


The deadline to register to vote for the runoff is December 7. Anyone who is registered to vote in Georgia is eligible to vote in the runoff election. Check your voter registration status.

Early voting for the runoff will begin on December 14.


Candidates in the runoff will face another election on January 5, 2021.


Please visit https://www.vote411.org/georgia or https://Georgia.gov/vote-2020-runoff-elections for all the information and due dates regarding the runoff election in Georgia. 

Our Number 1 Priority: Extend PSP   

Our number one priority is extending the Payroll Support Program. Chairman DeFazio’s office and Chairman Wicker’s office yesterday spoke at the Washington D.C. AeroClub to convey that extending PSP is a top priority. This includes recalling and restoring anyone currently on furlough.

Both the House and the Senate will return to Washington, D.C. next week. President-Elect Biden spoke with Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer yesterday. He expressed the urgent need for Congress to come together in the lame duck session on a bipartisan basis to pass a COVID-19 relief bill to fight the pandemic and get relief to working families (read: aviation workers).

Rededicate your efforts to making three calls a day and tweeting Congress.

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