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E-Lines: November 04, 2020

Date: November 3, 2020

Furlough Mitigation Partnerships – Temporary Dissolution

We’re hearing there may be some questions about what happens to a Partnership when one person in a Furlough Mitigation Partnership takes a Special COLA or become temporarily inactive.

Section 16 – Job Share and Partnership Flying Programs provides direction as to how these circumstances are to be addressed.  Specifically, Section 16.D.2. addresses the Temporary Dissolution of a Partnership when a Flight Attendant in a partnership becomes temporarily inactive.

When this happens, the remaining partner shall bid for lines of flying using her/his own seniority and shall drop trips or Reserve days of availability, if applicable, to comply with the requirements to split the schedule (Section 16.C.3.) and to bring her/his monthly maximum within the fifty-five (55) hour pay and credit limitation (Section 16.C.4.).

This process will be followed until the other partner returns to active status or the partnership ends, whichever occurs sooner.

 Restoration of Benefit Premium Payroll Deductions for Those Returning from Special COLAs

As those of us who have taken a series of Special COLAs over the past several months are aware, the process of returning deductions for benefits payments to payroll deduction has been difficult, to say the least. After a series of conversations and with the cooperation of United’s Benefits managers, we are pleased to report that all Flight Attendants who are currently on direct bill and pay, with the exception of those in the IVFMP, will be returned to payroll deductions as of December 1, 2020.  This will be an automatic process and not action on your part will be required.

If you are in this situation, you will be receiving a targeted e-mail communication from the Benefits Department advising you of this upcoming change.  You must ensure that your benefits payments with the UABC are current and paid through the end of November. To check your benefits balance, log into Your Benefits Resource (YBR) and, using the ‘Pay Now’ tile, make you payment no later than November 30, 2020.

 Link Devices While on Voluntary Furlough

We offer a quick reminder to those on Voluntary Furlough that the company has asked you to keep your Link device instead of returning it as originally requested in the voluntary furlough award letter.   Your Link data plan will be disabled as of the first day of voluntary furlough and will be enabled prior to your return to active status.    During your voluntary furlough you will be able to use your Link device via a wireless (Wi-Fi) connection.   All other company property – badges, parking stickers, keys, etc. must be returned.

 First Round Vacation Award Posted

First Round Vacation bidding awards were posted today.  Vacation allocations for Round Two vacations are expected to be published by Thursday of this week and the Second Round Vacation Bid Period is set to open as required under the Contract on November 8, 2020.

Vacation Timeline



Open Vacation Election Period

By September 25


Close Election Period

On October 15

By 0800 HDT

Begin First Vacation Bid Period

By October 23


Close First Vacation Bid Period

On October 31

By 0800 HDT

Post First Vacation Awards

By November 4


Begin Second Vacation Bid Period

By November 8


Close Second Vacation Bid Period

On November 16

By 0800 HDT

Post Second Vacation Awards

By November 20


Vacation Allocations Published

By November 24


Trades Awarded by Seniority

On November 30


Final Vacation Allocations Published

By December 4


Instant Trading Open

On December 5



For additional information regarding 2021 Vacation bidding reference the 2021 vacation page on Unitedafa.org.

 Reserve Scheduling Timeline

If awarded or assigned a Reserve line for the December bid month, there are various deadlines that must be met as part of the schedule development timeline. Many of these processes occur during the period between bid awards and into the first week of the new month. 

While some of these events occur on the same calendar date each month, there are a few that are determined based on the date on which the new Flight Attendant schedule bid month begins.  Schedule months are defined by the company on an annual basis with the result being these dates may change from month to month.

We have compiled a Reserve bid month timeline detailing these items in both calendar and list formats.  The following is a calendar specific to the December 2020 Flight Attendant Schedule month.

International Base Closure Letter of Agreement (FRA, HKG & NRT)

On Friday John Slater sent a communication to Flight Attendants reviewing the agreement the Union and the company had reached addressing ongoing concerns of the AFA Members at these closed international bases brought about because the CARES Act Payroll Support Program had not been enacted.  

In addition to the Zoom™ calls conducted by each Local Council and on which the MEC Officers participated, details of the Letter of Agreement have been sent to the affected Flight Attendants from those bases.  For everyone’s benefit, the following is a brief explanation of the terms of the agreement reached.

It is important to understand that this LOA applies only to those Flight Attendants who are not eligible to be based in the US because they do not possess or have not yet obtained the necessary documentation to be able to do so.  This agreement provides those Members additional time to secure the required documentation as well as an opportunity for re-employment under limited circumstances. The LOA provides:

  • Those individuals who obtain the necessary documentation to work in the US will be re-employed at a base in the US provided they meet all criteria for employment.
  • For those individuals who cannot work in the US, should United open an international base or posts vacancies to LHR by March 31, 2023, Flight Attendants who do not have the ability to work in the US would be eligible for re-employment, provided they meet all criteria to be based at the location.  
  • In the event the CARES Act is enacted at some point, and United participates, the affected Flight Attendants would be returned to pay status, subject to the terms of the legislation.
  •  The Union has agreed to withdraw and/or not file any additional grievances on the base closure while protecting the ability of individual Flight Attendants to pursue their own course of legal action based on the laws of the country in which they were based.

The Letter of Agreement is specific to this situation involving the closure of these three international bases and this specific group of Flight Attendants.

In addition, the company has agreed to extend the period of time for Flight Attendants to convert their October 1, 2020 separation to resignation or retirement (based on age and years of service) by one additional week. Flight Attendants have until 4:00 p.m. Central time on November 6, 2020 to notify FAST of their desire to convert the separation. Read the text of the Letter of Agreement. 

If you have additional questions, contact your Local Council office.

 Reminder and Quick Links

November 8 - Begin Second Vacation Bid Period

November 26 - Thanksgiving Day


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