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E-Lines: December 11, 2020

Date: December 11, 2020

GUM Surplus January Transfer Report Date Delayed

Today, citing the hope for a potential announcement of an extension of the CARES Act, United management announced a delay to the January report date for transfers by at least one month.  This is a very positive development that allows our colleagues on Guam the opportunity to delay reporting at their new domicile.  All Flight Attendants transferring out of Guam for January, as part of either the System Transfer or the GUM Surplus, may elect to remain in Guam for January. 

If you wish to remain on Guam for the January schedule, send an e-mail from your united.com e-mail address to InflightCrewStaffing@united.com.  Please format the e-mail as follows:

                        Subject Line:     Remain in GUM – Your Name

                        Text:                 I would like to remain in GUM for the January schedule month.

In order to ensure you are awarded a schedule in GUM for January, the deadline to request to remain in GUM is December 15, 2020 at 2359 Guam Local Time.

Alternatively, management has recognized that some individuals may have already started their transfer and may wish to maintain their scheduled January Flight Attendant schedule month report date.  Transfers will proceed unless you advise otherwise.

Those in the IVFMP will remain in the program.  NAL lines will not be available for everyone.  If, however, you are interested in a January Special COLA, the company will continue to review all requests on file for potential award.

Availability of Funds from First Paycheck in the New Year – January 4, 2021

As a reminder and for your planning purposes, as provided in Section 3.BB of our Contract, the direct deposit of funds for our January 1, 2021 paycheck will be available on the first business day after the holiday.  Because January 1, 2021, the New Year’s Day holiday, falls on a Friday where financial institutions are closed, funds will be available on Monday, January 4, 2021.

Year End Reminder – Sign up for Paperless W2 or Verify/Update Your Mailing Address

Given the adversity we’ve all been faced with in 2020, it’s universally agreed that the end of the year simply can’t arrive soon enough.   Keep in mind, as the end of the year approaches, you have a limited period of time before the deadline to elect paperless/electronic delivery of your annual W-2 forms.

To register:       Go to paperlessW2.ual.com   (You will be prompted to sign into Flying Together.)

Note:  Do not download the ADP app as it will not work with your United credentials.

Check the appropriate boxes to provide consent for your selection and click “Agree”.  You will receive an e-mail confirmation following completion of the transaction.

Our 2020 W-2’s will be release not later than the January 31, 2021 IRS deadline.

If you elect to receive your W-2 by mail, you are advised to ensure your home address on file is correct.  From Flying Together > Employee Services > My Info > Personal Details.  (Click on your address or the arrow to the right of your address.  Make any needed updates and click “save”. 

If your status has changed during the year and you are unable to access Employee Services to make these address updates, contact the Employee Service Center at 1 877-825-3729 for assistance.

Standby Pre-Board Assignments Review


With the increased number of Standby pre-boarding assignments in recent weeks, we want to review the application of the associated Contractual provisions that determine when and how these assignments are to be made. Please review the Assignment to Pre-boarding Duties document on our MEC Reserve page.

If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council Reserve Committee.

Link/Sled Coverage Enrollment Extended until December 17

The Link/Sled Coverage enrollment has been extended by United and will be available until December 17, 2020. The $30.00 enrollment fee will be prorated depending upon when your opt-in enrollment date begins.

To enroll simply go to Link/Sled Recovery Protection Plan-Standard Enrollment Period in Help Hub.

Finding sled/Link serial numbers

There are instructions on the enrollment request form that you can refer to for additional details.

For sled - The sled is in a protective case. You can easily remove the case by gently pulling back the sides. Once the case is off, you will find a sticker with the serial number on the back of the sled. The number should begin with S/N or SN.

If you are unable to find this information on your sled once you remove the case, please take a picture of the front and back of the sled and send it over to FAST-Link-Support@united.com prior to calling Link Support.

For Link - go to Settings on your phone > General > About > Serial Number

Below are important facts to keep in mind:

·       The cost is $30 (or prorated amount) for coverage from December 1, 2020 through November 30, 2021. The cost will be deducted from your paycheck.

·       By opting in, your annual enrollment fee of $30 (or prorated amount) covers the first replacement claim for a lost or stolen Link/sled (per year). Any additional replacement claims will be paid by the employee at the replacement fee costs ($300 for Link and $75 for sled).

·       If you don’t make an election, you’re automatically opted out and will be responsible for paying the replacement charges for a lost or stolen Link/sled.

·       If you decide to opt in after the enrollment deadline, you can still enroll with the approval of your base by going to: Link/Sled Recovery Protection Plan - Outside Enrollment Period within Help Hub.

Only active Flight Attendants and Flight Attendants that are a part of the Involuntary Furlough Mitigation Program (IVFMP) are currently eligible to enroll

Once you have completed the enrollment form, you will receive an email confirmation from Help Hub. You may also view your request history via Help Hub. No further action is needed.

Contact: LinkInsurance@united.com

Please note:  Enrollment requests will not be processed via the linkinsurance@united.com e-mail account.

Taking Care of Yourself During the Holiday Season

From time to time, everyone experiences personal, family or work-related problems. Sometimes, these problems can overwhelm our traditional, normal coping strategies. During the Holiday Season these problems can seem magnified. Support from a trained peer may prove helpful to reduce our stress and increase our acceptance of the demands of the holiday period.  By accomplishing both of these, it can help to avoid company involvement resulting from any misunderstanding.

AFA EAP helps Members, their families and partners deal with concerns on and off the job. No one ever needs to be alone in finding solutions to their problems.  We have developed an AFA EAP Mission FAQ for your reference to learn more about what we do.

Give us a call if you are struggling with:

·       Family issues, divorce or concern for a family member

·       Co-worker conflict

·       Emotional/psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, eating disorder, loss/grief, thoughts of suicide.

·       Trauma, physical assault, aircraft emergencies

·       Job Stress

·       Chemical dependency, recovery issues, relapse

If you or a flying partner are struggling with Substance Use we have a specific link just for you, visit the Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program at www.fadap.org.

CALL CONGRESS: We’re Closer to #ReliefNow Than Ever Before

This afternoon, the U.S. Senate passes a one-week stopgap bill preventing a government shutdown.  This action avoided a government shutdown just hours ahead of tonight’s midnight deadline and, most importantly, provides law makers with an additional week, until December 18, 2020, to come up with full-year spending legislation. 

The $908 billion bicameral bipartisan COVID relief proposal for emergency relief appears to lack the full support of Senate leadership.   Now, more than ever, we must persuade our elected representatives of the need to attach the COVID relief bill (which includes our PSP) to the spending bill.  Our representatives must understand that this bill is about people desperately in need of financial assistance during a spike in instances of COVID infections. Lawmakers must resolve their differences and reach a deal on both measures.  We all must act to get this accomplished.

We’ve rallied, marched, called, emailed, tweeted, and more to demand our members of Congress extend the Payroll Support Program (PSP). Our activism is forcing lawmakers to publicly come out to support #ReliefNow for Flight Attendants and essential aviation workers and urge their colleagues to act.

Reminder and Quick Links

December 11 – Begin Period for Holiday Bonus Point

December 11/18 - #ReliefNow

December 17 – Revised Deadline for Link/Sled Protection Enrollment

December 18 – Pass Travel Enrollment Deadline

December 20 – Begin Absence Certificate Requirement

December 25 – Contractual Holiday Pay

January 4 – Direct Deposit Funds from First Paycheck of 2021 Available

January 30 – First Trimester CQ CBT Due





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