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E-Lines: December 18, 2020

Date: December 18, 2020

Keep Calling Congress to #ExtendPSP

Congress acted today to avert a shutdown of the government by passing a two-day funding extension to prevent a lapse in funding while the negotiations for COVID relief continue as well as to keep government agencies operating until Sunday night. 

This action, much like our continuing calls to our elected representatives in Congress, has ratcheted up the pressure on Congressional leadership to finalize the stimulus agreement they have said for the past several days they are on the verge of reaching.

Lawmakers will remain in Washington, D.C. over the weekend to work with the rank-and-file members who are growing more frustrated and impatient over the lack of information on this major rescue package with many feeling as if they have been left in the dark about the details of the deal. While assurances continue to be provided by the Senate GOP leadership that #COVID direct assistance to working people is in the #covid relief bill under negotiation. Clearly, these elected representatives need to continue to hear from their respective constituencies to receive the encouragement they need to get the job done. Just get the job done already!

For Flight Attendants and aviation workers, emergency relief right now will mean their jobs, pay, and healthcare are restored, and for tens of millions it will mean extension of live-saving unemployment benefits and survival checks.

KEEP UP THE CALLS to push #ExtendPSP and #ReliefNow over the finish line and get us back to work.

SENATE: 888-848-4824

HOUSE: 888-907-9365

"Hello, I am a constituent calling to tell my (Senator/Representative) that we need Emergency Coronavirus Relief Act of 2020 passed with an extension of the Payroll Support Program TODAY. We are out of work and without healthcare. Do not leave Washington, D.C. without passing emergency relief for our families. Get it done. Thank you.”

To back up our message, please also Email Congress.


GUL Coverage After Special COLA Reminder

Flight Attendants who take advantage of the Special COLA offerings are reminded, when returning from Leaves of Absence (LOA), auto-enrollment in Group Universal Life Coverage (GUL), administered by Securian, will occur for any Flight Attendants who did not elect to maintain coverage while on Leave or who had not previously elected this coverage.

These individuals will be enrolled in Group Universal Life Coverage under the same conditions as a new hire Flight Attendant. With no requirement to provide Evidence of Insurability (EOI), Flight Attendants are automatically provided coverage at four (4) times their annual salary and $30,000 coverage for a spouse/domestic partner.

Additionally, if the Flight Attendant reduced her/his coverage below the default coverage limits, the auto-enrollment feature will “bump up” the coverage back up to four times the annual salary for the employee and $30,000 for the spouse or domestic partner. It is important that everyone understand, the coverage is automatic unless you act to decline the coverage during the first 45 days following your return to work. Continue reading the details of the auto-enrollment feature on our website.

If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council Office.

Reserve Christmas Wish List (CWL)
MEC Reserve Committee

'Tis the season for Reserve Flight Attendants to indicate their layover choices around the Christmas holiday.

Reserves may indicate their layover choices for the three (3) days preceding and two (2) days following December 25. We will make these wish list assignments starting at 1400 local base time the day prior up through 1645 local base time on the day prior. The Reserve Preference programming will run at 1700 Home Domicile Time (HDT) followed by the Reserve clean-up process. 

Reserves may begin entering their 2020 CWL layover requests via the site, which may be accessed in one of three ways:

Via www.unitedafa.org/wishlist

Via CCS under the Reserve tab 

Via the “Quick Links” section of the Inflight Services homepage on Flying Together.

Prior to the Reserve assignment process for:

Request must be submitted by:

22 December 2020

0600 HDT on 21 December 2020

23 December 2020

0600 HDT on 22 December 2020

24 December 2020

0600 HDT on 23 December 2020

25 December 2020

0600 HDT on 24 December 2020

26 December 2020

0600 HDT on 25 December 2020

27 December 2020

0600 HDT on 26 December 2020


For a complete description of the CWL award process, please see our full article here. There is also a “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) page within the Wish List site that answers common questions. If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Reserve Committee.

Reminder and Quick Links

December 20 – Begin Day for Absence Certificate Requirement
December 25 – Contractual Holiday Pay
January 30 – First Trimester CQ CBT Due

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