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Contract Provisions Address Changes in Staffing Needs

Date: February 5, 2020

Recent cancellations of flights to mainland China has resulted in the reduction of a number of lineholder positions at several domicile locations around the system. This reduction in flying is generating a number of questions as to what, if any, replacement flying will result. Several of the aircraft that were earmarked for use in the China markets will be selectively deployed to the domestic operation and will create some additional flying opportunities.  

In addition, our Contract provides a number of mechanisms by which management addresses overages in staffing. These Contract provisions provide Flight Attendants opportunities for time-off as well as for the sharing of schedules for those who seek to reduce their flying.  

COLAs and Special COLAs, awarded on a seniority basis, provide opportunities for unpaid time off. The duration of a COLA or Special COLA is determined by the Company based on operational need. The difference between a COLA and a Special COLA is that the benefits offered under a Special COLA must exceed the specified benefits of a COLA.

Flight Attendants may review the COLA, Job Share and Multiple-Month Partnership Program Overview Flight Attendant Handbook.

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