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Sections 7.Q.3 and 7.Q.4. Notice of Loss of Flight Time

Date: February 5, 2020

MEC Communications Committee

The recent suspension of service to cities in mainland China has resulted in the cancellation of a number of pairings as well as some questions about the reassignment provisions and pay protections provided for under our Contract.  

Section 7.Q. of our Contract outlines the applicable reassignment provisions based on the notice provided when the loss of flight time occurs as well as when a Severe Weather Action Plan (SWAP) is in effect.

As it pertains to the current cancellation of the flights to mainland China, we will focus on those circumstance where Notice of one or more calendar days is provided. (Section 7.Q.3.)  Reassignment responsibility (RX) does not mean being on Reserve or on-call.  RX is a line of flying code used by Crew Scheduling in our Master Schedule which indicates a Flight Attendant has the potential to be subject to reassignment for pay protection. Notice occurs when Flight Attendants are contacted directly by Crew Scheduling.

At the time a Flight Attendant is notified of the cancellation of her/his pairing and the subsequent loss of flight time, if Crew Scheduling does not provide a reassignment or relieve the Flight Attendant of her/his {reassignment} responsibility, at the Flight Attendants option she/he will:

a)   Choose not to be pay protected for the original trip by making up lost time on days not originally scheduled to fly.

b)   Make up the lost time as close as possible to the time lost on days originally scheduled to fly with no loss of pay. She/he will be relieved of all reassignment responsibility.

c)    Be subject to reassignment consistent with the following:

After 1600 local time the day before check-in of the original trip {lost}, the Flight Attendant may contact Crew Scheduling to inquire if she/he is likely to be given an assignment.

If the Flight Attendant chooses to remain subject to reassignment she/he must contact Crew Scheduling between 1800 and 2200 local time the day before the original trip {lost}. Scheduling will either reassign the Flight Attendant or relieve her/him of all reassignment responsibility with no loss of pay.

If the Flight Attendant does not call Crew Scheduling between 1800 and 2200 the night before the original lost pairing, by the action of not calling, she/he is choosing to forfeit pay protection for the original pairing.

Reassignment (RX) does not equal being on reserve or on-call. RX is a scheduling designator code placed on the Master Schedule which indicates a Flight Attendant may be subject to reassignment for pay protection. 

Section 7.Q.4. outlines the rules with which Crew Scheduling must comply when making reassignments or placing replacement pairings on our schedule. 

The reassignment pairing may not be scheduled to depart earlier than two hours before the scheduled departure of the pairing lost.

The reassignment pairing may not be scheduled to interfere with The Flight Attendant’s next scheduled day off without her/his consent. If there is consent, the Flight Attendant will be paid 150% pay for all block hours flown in each scheduled day off for the reassignment in addition the restoration of days off.

Section 7.Q.4. also provides for specific reassignment rules for Flight Attendants based at international domiciles and outlines other specific reassignment pay criteria.

Flight Attendants are encouraged to become familiar with the reassignment scenarios and contractual provisions outlined in Section 7.Q., including downline reassignments (not discussed here),

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