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Reserve Notice of Assignment Review – Emphasis on Short Calls

Date: February 12, 2020

Sections 8.G.1., 8.I.1.h.2. and 8.K.

Ready Reserve assignments will be made as soon as practical and will include layover hotel and telephone number if assigned to a pairing not published in the monthly bid packet. A Reserve will be given 15 hours’ notice before departure time at the domicile with the exception that a lesser notice may be given when the need for a Reserve cannot be determined at least 15 hours in advance of the flight.

Every attemptwill be made to assign a Ready Reserve at least three (3) hours prior to reportfor duty. A Reserve receiving less than a three (3) hour notice will attempt to make the assignment. When given a less-than-three (3) hour notice, this is known as a “short call.” 

Except for periods of relief from duty, a Reserve will be subject to contact at any time and must be available by keeping the Company advised of the contact telephone number where she/he can be reached.

A Reserve may call Crew Scheduling once a day to inquire of their Reserve status and/or to request a release from Reserve duty. An available Reserve may be released from contact for a period of time with the approval of the Crew Scheduler.

A Reserve may provide one alternate contact at a time.

If a pairing is assigned to a Reserve and then subsequently reassigned to a Lineholder, Crew Scheduling will attempt to contact the Reserve before she/he leaves for the airport.

Short Calls

If a Reserve receives a less-than-three (3) hour notice prior to check-in, it is considered to be a “short call.”

While there is no Contractual prohibition against crew scheduling assigning a short call, a Reserve should not be penalized if she/he has made a reasonable effort to make the flight, shows up at the airport and has missed the flight anyway (Settlement, ORD 7-95).

To be clear, Reserves should not be refusing Short Calls. Simply make a reasonable effort.

If a Reserve determines it is necessary to take cab transportation to the airport in order to respond to a short call, she/he shall be reimbursed for actual expenses to/from the airport. 

Assignment of Pre-0500 Check-ins

A pairing or Standby assignment that has a check-in prior to 0500 for the following day should be assigned with as much notice as possible, but at the very least, prior to the 1500 HDT snapshot on the previous day. These check-ins should be assigned to a Reserve who is on Ready Reserve status for the current day and has availability for the duration of the assignment. Once assigned, the Ready Reserve should be immediately released for the remainder of the day through check-in.

If there are no Ready Reserves available on the current day, Crew Scheduling would be required to wait until a Reserve is assigned to Ready Reserve status for the following day during the 1930 process and may attempt to contact them after 1930. It should be noted, a Flight Attendant coming from a day off would not be required to be telephone available until after midnight.

Please review the Reserve Guide for a comprehensive review of Reserve Scheduling Procedures - Section 8 of our Contract. Contact your Local Council with any questions.

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