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Customs Pre-clearance Procedural Changes

Date: February 15, 2020

Those locations having customs pre-clearance prior to arrival into the US, such as Canada, you may see additional screening for some passengers. Some but not all may be selected for a secondary screening, based on previous individual travel. This does not mean, nor should this be interpreted, these individuals have traveled to China.   As Flight Attendants we need to understand what is expected of us. 

When this selection happens before a flight departure, you will be handed the passenger documents that are to be secured and passed off to CBP on arrival at the destination of the flight.  

If the selection takes place during the flight, on arrival a CBP officer may meet your flight and request certain passenger(s) see them on the jetway. This is the same process used today with the exception that we will be holding some passenger documents to better identify the passenger to CBP. These passengers are not to be detained by us.  If no one meets the flight, it is expected that we will return their documents upon deplaning. Additional information can be found on in the CPB article on our website

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