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What is a Line Observer Safety Audit (LOSA)?

Date: February 15, 2020

Safety, Health & Security Committee

AFA, ALPA, United and LOSA Collaborative are about to begin a joint Line Observation Safety Audit (LOSA).  LOSA is a peer-to-peer observation which takes place during normal operations by line Flight Attendants. It is the most premiere, proactive safety management tool available in the industry. LOSA data is collected by Flight Attendants and securely transmitted to an outside company known as LOSA Collaborative who will assess Flight Attendant procedures to recommend improvements in safety to United Airlines and the respective Unions. 

The goal of the program is to view unaltered behaviors and gain an accurate reading of how work is being accomplished during normal operations and make safety improvements for all of us. It is designed as a voluntary non-threatening, non-punitive, peer-to-peer observational process with a focus on the procedure and not the Flight Attendant. Peers are trained by the LOSA collaborative group. LOSA Collaborative will receive encrypted, transmitted data directly from observers for analysis and they will produce a final report for United, AFA and ALPA.  Flight numbers, names or dates are NOT part of the data collected and the program follows all the ALPA contract provisions required for LOSA projects. 

Observation flights will begin as early as mid-March. We encourage you to welcome observers whose work is intended to enhance your safety at work. Learn more about the LOSA program by contacting your Local Council or by following the hyper link below. 

LOSA Collaborative

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