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E-Lines: February 18, 2020

Date: February 18, 2020

MEC EAP/Professional Standards Recommends Review of DOT Notice on CBD

Our MEC Employee Assistance/Professional Standards has asked that we make available to you the official DOT Notice on the use of CBD. We recommend that you take a few minutes to review the most notice from the DOT.

Contract 2021 Negotiations News Requires Subscribing

All news and updates pertaining to Contract 2021 Negotiations will be delivered via the Negotiations News email subscription. Because these are specialized communications related to bargaining, it is not anticipated that these updates will be included in E-lines.

Sign up now and encourage all Flight Attendants to subscribe to Contract 2021 Negotiations News. Be the first to learn about proposed improvements to our next Contract that will be determined based on the priorities of the Membership. The best way to ensure you are up to date with all the latest negotiations news is to stay up to date with news delivered directly to your inbox. We encourage you to sign up today.

Our contract 2021.org website and Negotiations News updates will keep you actively informed prior to and during our upcoming negotiations. We know an informed, educated and mobilized Membership results in a successful negotiation. That’s a fact!  Contract 2021 Negotiations News will be used to communicate directly with you on the details of our negotiations. Get your news first, and from the source you can trust, Negotiations News.

For additional information visit our dedicated negotiations website: contract2021.org

Semi-Annual Seniority List Published for Review

The Semi-Annual System Seniority List was published and posted for review as of February 14, 2020. As provided under Section 14.C. of our Contract, the list shall be made available at all stations where Flight Attendants are domiciled for review.

If you believe that there is an error or omission since the last posting of the System Seniority list in July 2019 that affects your seniority, you should contact your Local Council representative immediately. Flight Attendants have thirty (30) calendar days from February 19, 2020, or until March 20, 2020 to dispute any alleged omission or error that affects your seniority.

The exceptions to the 30-day rule are as follows:

·      Flight Attendants on vacation at the time of the posting

·      Flight Attendants on Leave of Absence at the time of the posting

·      Flight Attendants on furlough at the time of the posting

·      Flight Attendants on sick leave at the time of the posting

In these situations, Flight Attendants have thirty (30) days after returning to flight duty to report the discrepancy.

Review: Contractual Line Construction
2016-2021 Contract Section 7.A. & Section 30.L.

Recent world events have affected the flying assigned at many domiciles and some Flight Attendants are asking questions about lower than expected utilization targets and are seeking to understand how these targets are set. Please review this article highlighting the line construction provisions set forth in our Contract.

Make it a Priority- Take the Survey
MEC Negotiating Committee

Flight Attendants have until March 6, 2020 to complete and submit the Contract 2021 Negotiations Survey. This Contract 2021 Negotiations Survey is your opportunity to officially voice your desired contract improvements, likes and dislikes in writing. We rely on your input to direct the course of our negotiations. This survey provides all Members an equal opportunity to communicate your needs and priorities. Our negotiating priorities are determined by the Membership!

If you did not receive your access code in the mail, please contact our Negotiations Survey Help Line Monday-Friday at: 1 (800) 624-3907, ext. 546.

Surveys will be accepted until the deadline- March 6, 2020 at 1600 CT.


Contract 2021 Listening Tour - 7 Locations to Go

Flight Attendants from around the system are showing up and voicing their aspirations for Contract 2021! Speaking directly to the Negotiating Committee amongst peers in a respectful format is proving to strengthen our Unity required for a successful negotiation with management.

The Negotiating Committee will be hosting listening sessions in London and Frankfurt this week. All Flight Attendants in the area are encouraged to attend.

London – February 19

(10:00 am – 1:00 pm)

Renaissance London Heathrow

Bath Rd

Hounslow, UK


Frankfurt – February 20

(12:00pm – 3:00 pm)

Westin Grand Hotel

Konrad Adenauer Strasse 7

Frankfurt, Germany








February 19

February 20

February 26

March 3

March 4

March 5

March 6

Visit contract2021.org for details on upcoming Listening Tour locations.

AFA Votes 2020 - Our Vote. Our Power. Our Voice.
AFA Interactive

Are You Registered to Vote in the Primaries?

Iowa and New Hampshire have already cast the first ballots of the 2020 Primary Elections. Nevada and South Carolina are next, followed by Super Tuesday March 3.

The most important thing to do right now is make sure you’re registered to vote. Check your Vote Registration Status here >

If you’re not registered, it’s easy! Just follow the prompts or go here >

Political Party Conventions

As the primary season gets underway, we recognize that many of our members may be participating in the election process directly by running to be a delegate for a political party convention. Rules on how to become a delegate vary by political party and state. AFA, through voluntary contributions to FlightPAC, offers a stipend to help members who are elected to go to the conventions. If you are running to be a delegate, we want to hear from you. Please fill out this form and let us know you are getting active.

AFA Voluntary Supplemental Insurance Benefits Enrollment is Open
MEC Benefits Committee

The Open Enrollment period for AFA Voluntary Supplemental Insurance benefits is now available through March 15, 2020. Once again, Flight Attendants will have the option to secure Voluntary Supplemental Insurance Benefits through one of two brokers, Design Benefits and National Group Protection (NGP). Beginning February 17 through March 15, 2020, enrollment representatives from each of these brokers are available in hub locations for the entire open enrollment period during the hours of 5AM – 8PM daily to answer questions and to enroll those interested in the following variety of voluntary benefit plans:

·      Group Voluntary (Short Term) Disability Income

·      Critical Illness with Cancer

·      Cancer Policy

·      Group Voluntary Accident Insurance

·      Group Hospital Indemnity Coverage

·      Life Insurance





Los Angeles


San Francisco




February 17- March 15



March 9- March 15



February 17- February 19



March 2- March 4



March 2- March 4

Las Vegas


February 24- February 26

In addition to the personalized base visits, Flight Attendants will have opportunities to enroll online and via telephone appointments. Additional information can be found on our website.

Union Plus Free College- Spring Classes Start March 16

With Union Plus Free College, brought to you in partnership with AFSCME, you can work toward an associate degree or certificate completely online, for free.

Spring classes start March 16—there’s still time to enroll!

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