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Rapid Re-Accrual of Sick Leave

Date: February 26, 2020

Rapid Re-Accrual of Sick Leave
JCBA 13.A.5

When faced with a serious illness, injury, or maternity absence where more than 255 hours of sick leave hours are used during a single occurrence, we have negotiated for the “rapid” rebuilding of our sick bank utilizing the provisions for rapid re-accrual.

To begin the process following an absence where more than 255 hours of sick leave have been used:

1)    Flight Attendant should contact her/his supervisor to request the set up of rapid re-accrual.

2)    Your supervisor will submit the request to Crew Pay for validation.

This should be set up in a timely manner following the Flight Attendant’s return to flight duty.

Review your sick and occupational bank hours in CCS under Pay > Pay Register. Select the Sick pay option. You will have two banks, one for sick hours remaining and one for occupations hours remaining. In the same section you will see Sick hours used and Occupations hours used. You must have used 255 hours or more to qualify for rapid re-accrual.

Flight Attendants meeting the criteria will accrue sick hours at the rate of seven (7) hours each month until they reach the same level of sick leave (balance) they had at the onset of the injury, illness or maternity absence provided the Flight Attendant satisfies the paid activity requirements in each quarter where she/he is eligible for rapid re-accrual.

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