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Understanding Your Pay

Date: February 26, 2020

Flight Attendants have the opportunity to review their pay using the displays available via CCS.  Flight Attendants are encouraged to monitor their pay throughout the month and especially when changes to their original schedule occur through situations such as irregularities, drafting and reassignment. 

In the My Pay Register page located in CCS, you will see three (3) highlighted boxes: Minimum, Guarantee, and Credit. The different values, while perhaps confusing, change in response to activities that occur to your schedule. The chart below is intended to assist you in understanding the different values:






When Does the Value Change?







Line Holder = 71

Reserve = 78


Your minimum never increases but will decrease when dropping pairings or when trip trading for pairings with lower values.




Your minimum will be reduced when you drop or trade a trip from your line for a trip with a lower value. The value will NOT go up if you add a trip to your schedule or trade for a higher value trip.


Trips removed from your line due to

vacation may cause a reduction.







Provides pay protections for all pairings by guaranteeing the dollar value of hourly flight pay and hourly overrides



Guarantee will change when a Flight Attendant adds, trades or drops a trip from their schedule by the value of the trip.







Credit is the value of all pairings (except training pairings which appear on your master schedule, including greater of the scheduled or actual block time, Duty/ trip RIGs

and Deadhead. It does not include pay protections which are included in Guarantee.




Credit is the time Flight Attendants are actually flying. It does not include training pay or pay protections due to reassignment or drafting.

Lineholder Example: 

1.    A lineholder is awarded a line with a value of 80 hours and 75 hours of actual flight time. Minimum: 71 | Guarantee: 80 | Credit: 75

2.    The same lineholder picks up a pairing on days off with a value of 10 hours having 9 hours of actual flight time. Minimum:71 | Guarantee: 90 | Credit: 84

3.    Later in the month the Flight Attendant drops a three days trip with a value of 15 hours and 14:30 of actual flight time. Minimum: 56 | Guarantee: 75 | Credit: 69:30

For more information about understanding your pay in CCS Flight Attendants should contact their local council. 

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