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Review Your Electronic Work History

Date: March 4, 2020

MEC Grievance Committee

We encourage all Members to take the time to review their electronic work history which is available from CCS to ensure that all entries in your work history comply with the terms of our Contract.

Recently, AFA leadership has become aware that supervisors at some locations, in an effort to document resolution of a customer complaint, have been documenting Flight Attendants’ work histories to reflect the customer complaint was unfounded by entering something of the nature of “Flight Attendant Followed Procedures”. 

In discussions with senior Inflight leadership, the company and AFA mutually understand that these type of entries in the work history are not appropriate.  In the event a review of your work history reveals the presence of these entries, first discuss the entry with the supervisor responsible for entering this in your work history.  It should be removed without question. 

In the event this does not occur, please contact your Local Council Grievance Committee.

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