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Improving Your Financial Wellness

Date: March 8, 2020

MEC Benefits Committee

In recent months, the United MEC through our MEC Benefits Committee has been introduced to a unique, non-profit organization designed to help employees with credit related challenges. This organization is sponsored by United Airlines, but is completely confidential. United will never know or have access to your personal information.

Working Creditcan help you navigate the mysteries of the credit system so you can build a strong credit score while, at the same time, improving your overall financial health and resilience. Working credit is a “result driven” organization. 

Working credit is not a credit repair, debt relief, or debt settlement company (all of which normally charge high fees for things you can do yourself for free). As a nonprofit, the mission of Working Credit is to help employees who use their services to build credit. Working credit does not sell financial products and none of the Working Credit Councilors work on any type of commission. Your personal information is never sold or shared – not with your employer or anyone else. Above all, the service provided by Working Credit are completely confidential.  

Rooted in social services, the founders learned the value and power that comes with good credit to help people of all income level and in all financial situations. Whether you need to move to a new apartment, buy or refinance a home, address student loans, or gain control over your financial life, your Working Credit counselor is ready to help.

For more information on this credit building service, visit United.workingcredit.org

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