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Reserve Trip Trades

Date: March 8, 2020

MEC Reserve Committee

Flexibility is a foundational component of our Agreement. The ability for Flight Attendants (both Lineholders and Reserves) to trade, drop, and pickup trips enables us to make decisions when we fly in order to meet our individual needs.

Reserve Flight Attendants have the ability to trade a pairing they have been assigned with another Flight Attendant, Lineholder or Reserve, for a pairing provided they meet the parameters outlined in Section 8.J. of our Contract.

Section 8.J. provides for the following:  

Once a Reserve has been assigned a pairing, she/he shall have the ability to trade with another Flight Attendant for a pairing: (i) of the same number of days; (ii) departing on the same day; and (iii) if the trade is between a Reserve and a Lineholder, the pairing credit time cannot differ by more than two (2) hours and a Reserve who picks up additional time will be considered to have opted to over one hundred and five (105)  hours for the applicable month. 

Once a Reserve has been assigned a pairing, she/he shall have the ability to trade a pairing for days off with a Lineholder in which case the Reserve guarantee shall be reduced based on the number of Reserve availability day vacated. If a multi-day trip is vacated by a Reserve pursuant to this paragraph, the Reserve may contact Scheduling to restore days and guarantee for all days of the vacated trip, except the first day. 

When you make changes to your schedule, either reducing flying or adding hours to your schedule, it is important to monitor your guarantee to ensure your pay register is properly updated. This is especially relevant in cases where a Reserve drops an assigned multi day trip to a Lineholder for days off and then requests to restore days of Reserve availability on days other than the first day of the pairing. 

For more information about Reserve trip trades, contact your Loc al Council Reserve Committee. 

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