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Managing your Anxiety Around Coronavirus

Date: March 21, 2020

MEC EAP/Professional Standards Committee

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new risk, not a familiar one. Its status as a new health problem with which we are unfamiliar contributes to our heightened anxiety.  Remember, anxiety is a protective measure. It’s signaling you to scan for risks and find methods to safeguard yourself. Embrace your anxiety for what it is…. a “pay-attention” signal. However, ensuring that your anxiety doesn’t exceed your ability to continue functioning is important. Suggestions that may help you modulate worry, so it remains in the healthy response range for you and your family are available on our website, unitedafa.org.

We encourage all Flight Attendants experiencing heightened anxiety during this crisis to contact their Local EAP Representative, at 800-424-2406.

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