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Updated April Bidding Timeline

Date: March 21, 2020

Updated April Bidding Timeline

Network Planning has made the necessary modifications to the aircraft schedule in response to the impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus). The following information reflects the company and AFA understanding of the schedule by which April schedules will be awarded:

Bidding & awards

Primary Bid Period Opens

March 23 at 1700 Central

Primary Bid Period Closes/Award Begins

March 26 at 1700 Central

Primary Bid Award Line Numbers Visible

March 27 at 1700 Local

Finalized Primary Award Loaded

March 27 at 2000 Local

Trading process

The trading process has been modified and compressed. Trading activities are scheduled as follows:

Mutual Trading Begins

March 27 at 2000 Local

EOM Conflicts Dropped

March 28 at 1000 Central

EOM Mutual Trades Suspended

March 28 at 1000 Central

Self-Adjustments Begin

March 28 at 1600 Central

Self-Adjustments End

March 29 at 0400 Central

Real-time trading Opens for all bases

March 30 at 1200 Local

Vacation Relief Line (VRL) process  Access the PERMABID Guide

The VRL process will be compressed, and the typical 36-hour bidding window is not possible to include in the abbreviated bid timeline for April schedules. Immediately following the building of VRLs, the award process will begin. For this reason, Flight Attendants awarded a VRL in the primary bid will be awarded VRLs in the secondary/VRL award using bids submitted from their Relief PERMABID. 

If awarded VRL in Primary, Submit Relief PERMABID before

March 28 at 0800 Local

VRL Awards Posted by

March 29 at 1200 Central

April Reserve Move-up Schedule Unchanged

The April schedule month and move-up window remains unchanged. 

April Schedule Month Begins

March 31 at 0001 Local

Reserve Move-up Line building Window starts

March 31 at 0001 Local

Reserve Move-up Line building Window ends

April 4 at 2359 Local

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