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April Schedules and Advance Vacation Fly Through

Date: March 22, 2020

April Schedules and Advance Vacation Fly Through

By now, we’ve all begun to hear how the COVID-19 crisis and the pull down of United’s flight schedule has impacted the development of April flying schedules.  Currently, April schedules are being put together by your Local Schedule Committees based on the parameters established by management.  Line values are expected to be very low this month as the reduced amount of flying is distributed to keep all of us working and on the payroll during this period of adversity.

It should also be clear to everyone that all of us, without regard for where we are based, will benefit from the pay protections set forth in Section 4.C. of our Contract.  This Contract language ensures that a Flight Attendant awarded any line with less that seventy-one hours (71:00) original flight time line projection  will be pay protected to seventy-one (71:00) hours.

Your AFA leadership recognizes the challenges that we will all be facing in the weeks and months ahead and this includes the financial challenges resulting from these lower line averages.  Key to making it through these difficult time periods is understanding how the various components of the Contract interact.  In addition to the pay protections offer by Section 4.C., Section 12.I. provides us with the ability to exercise an option to fly through an awarded vacation period.  When flying through a Vacation Period, in addition to being paid for the trips flown during the vacation period you are paid the value of the vacation period itself.

When electing the Advance Vacation Fly Through Option, Flight Attendants are making a declarative statement of their intent to take pay in lieu of vacation time.  When flying through a vacation in advance, the value of your vacation period is added to the Base Rates Add Pay “bucket” in your Pay Register and the value of the vacation is paid in addition to the value of your line.

This month, assuming you fly your line without making changes through trades that decrease your 71 hour minimum, if you have a vacation period that begins in April and you elect an advance vacation fly through, you will be paid your vacation in addition to the 71 hour minimum.  This is one way that you can increase your earning potential for the month.

The ability to elect an Advance Vacation Fly Through is available until 10:00A HDT, tomorrow March 23, 2020.

We ask that you give serious consideration to this option as a means to mitigate the impact of the reduced line averages.




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