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URGENT: Call to Save Our Jobs

Date: March 22, 2020

March 22, 2020 — Lawmakers have been negotiating a relief package over the weekend for airlines and industries affected by COVID-19. Things have been moving quickly on Capitol Hill. This is where things stand right now:

Speaker Pelosi and a bipartisan group of Representatives on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee are fighting for a #PeopleFirst bill that would put workers first and ensure that the money companies.  

President Trump has echoed this plan during his press conferences and promised continued paychecks for aviation workers. But the Senate GOP is not proposing language that supports his statements.

As currently drafted the Senate bill fails American Workers and taxpayers. And don't forget, each of you is a taxpayer too. So federal aid to pay for our paychecks is the same as returning money to taxpayers and keeping our vital aviation system running to ensure we can support those on the frontlines of this healthcare emergency. We can't let the government dismantle our industry by failing to keep us in our jobs and receiving paychecks and healthcare.

Call your Member of Congress and Senators now and tell them to support a stimulus bill that directs money from the ground up. Workers first with continued paychecks and no layoffs or furloughs. Our plan includes (but not limited to):


·       Paycheck continuation without furloughs/layoffs

·       No stock buybacks

·       No executive bonuses

·       No dividends

·       No breaking contracts




SENATE: 855-973-4213

HOUSE: 877-782-8274


If you can't make a call, send letter to your members of Congress >


We need every Flight Attendant to call, write, and tweet their Representatives and Senators right now! 



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