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Details from the IRS on July 15 Tax Deadline

Date: March 27, 2020

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Internal Revenue Service has issued guidance filling in many details of the historic delay in this year’s tax-filing and payment deadlines which have been extended to July 15 from April 15 for many taxpayers due to the coronavirus pandemic.


The IRS has clarified a number of deadlines as follows:


Individual Retirement Account and Roth IRA contributions

Due July 15, 2020

Automatic Filing Extensions

Due October 15, 2020


In addition, there are ways for filers to delay automatic tax payments they previously scheduled for April 15.Detailed information is available in the following 
publication on our website, www.unitedafa.org


For more information on this or other questions, check the IRS’s FAQs and its page devoted to coronavirus issues.

Are the IRS offices closed?

The agency released information about some IRS office closures, taxpayer appointments and correspondence, and the Taxpayer Advocate Service.

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