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Need Information? Visit the COVID-19 page www.unitedafa.org

Date: March 31, 2020

The new COVID-19 News & Resources page on our UnitedAFA website is dedicated to providing a one-stop resource for United AFA Flight Attendants, as we are navigating this world crisis together.

In addition to numerous useful resources, such as Health Resources, and current COVID-19 updates, the page offers the latest industry news and a dedicated Q&A section that provides answers regarding:

  • Flight Attendant Layover Accommodations for COVID-19 FAQ
  • Pay Questions and Answers
  • April 2020 – Schedule Development Questions
  • COLA's
  • COVID-19
  • Information/ Membership Services

The COVID-19 page can be found by clicking the COVID-19 banner or icon located on the front page of unitedafa.org.

For additional information on health care during COVID, refer to the AFA Interactive information.

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