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Easter - A Celebration of Hope

Date: April 10, 2020

For millions of people around the world, Easter is a time of joyful renewal and hope. Christians celebrate the triumphant resurrection of their Savior, Jesus Christ, while those in the Jewish faith observe Passover, which marks the end of Israelite slavery in ancient Egypt. And people of all beliefs and traditions look forward to Easter as a time for new beginnings and renewed hope. 

This spring season of renewed hope has never been needed more than it is today. With the worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus and its adverse impact on our world community, our industry, and our families we are all anxious about our collective future. 

As we shelter in place in our homes this weekend, many of us will start new traditions as well welcome Spring. Through all of this, we maintain hope that the message of Easter will bring peace to each of us and all of our families.    On behalf of the United Master Executive Council and all of our Union volunteers,  we extend our best wishes for your health and hope this season.  

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