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Return to Contractual Reassignment Process under Section 7.Q.3.

Date: April 10, 2020

JCBA Section 7.Q.3

Late in the day on Thursday, April 9th, management sent each of us a CCS message, advising us that we would be returning to the Contractual Section 7.Q.3. reassignment process and that the temporary COVID-19 Cancellation/Notification Process that was originally communicated in our March 21, 2020 addition of E-Lines would be rescinded.


In order to avoid any confusion, we want to clarify the effective date for this action is Saturday, April 11, 2020.  While, at present there are over 10,000 flight cancellations yet to be processed, scheduling will continue to work through the remaining cancellations in chronological order and any reassignments will be made in accordance with Section 7.Q.3 as follows:


  • Crew Scheduling will contact you to advise of the cancellation and any potential reassignment.
  • If no reassignment is available at the time contact with Crew Scheduling is established, “MSG” will be placed in your master schedule to indicate that you have been advised of your options under Sections 7.Q.3.a. – c.
  • Those electing to remain subject to reassignment under Section 7.Q.3.c and, in order to maintain pay protection for the loss of flying, must contact Scheduling between 1800 and 2200 local time the day before the original trip was scheduled to depart. When the Flight Attendant makes the call to Scheduling during the designated period, Scheduling will either reassign the Flight Attendant or relieve her/him of all responsibility and there will be no loss of pay when this release is processed. 

At the current rate of processing by Crew Scheduling, parings are currently being updated approximately one week out from their date of operation. However, this process could be impacted by additional flight cancellations anticipated in the coming days. Once completed, both your Master Schedule and pay register will be updated and these changes will be visible to you in both screens. 

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