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Treasury Announces Payroll Support to Aid Employees of Small Air Carriers

Date: April 10, 2020

This evening, Secretary Mnuchin announced publicly that there will be no financial conditions on grants under $100 million.

This very likely covers all AFA airlines except United, Alaska, Hawaiian, Spirit and Frontier. This is great news for a portion of our union and it's due to our pressure. But, what's not being said publicly is that the Secretary is trying to set extremely onerous terms on the remaining 12 airlines, including those listed above and Delta, jetBlue, Southwest, and American.

The onerous terms are maybe terms that will allow our airlines to take the grants, but this money was allocated for us as workers and then end result will be that it will not fall on the shareholders, the executives, or the airline as a whole to make up the difference, it will fall on us.

We are still fighting. Raise the alarm. We are fighting to raise the standards for all Flight Attendants - they want to bring us all to the lowest standards when we need to fight forward for the highest standards.

Ultimately, this will also mean job loss. The recovery of our industry and every other industry will take longer if this is allowed to happen. That means no hiring and no movement in the industry. It means our sisters and brothers at Compass and Norwegian will wait longer for job openings. It means mainline will also transfer these costs to regionals. We all know how this works. It means years of concessions instead of years of financial gain. We didn't cause this virus and we aren't going to pay for it.

We must keep fighting! Redouble efforts. The following tweets provide sample messages:

FlyingWithSara Tweet

FlyingWithSara Tweet

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