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Message from our AFA International Officers

Date: April 14, 2020

Treasury Announces Some Aviation Payroll Grant Agreements

Dear Flight Attendants,

Treasury has announced some agreements in principle for the release of payroll grants to our airlines. While we do not believe these grants are being implemented as intended in the bipartisan CARES Act, over the past two weeks it was unclear that they would work at all. We were only able to get this done through our constant action and determination that our #WorkersFirst relief must stand. We will stay on this until every airline gets the agreements they are due and the money goes out the door. 

We are making history. And we are going to keep making history together. Take a moment to read our public statement below with more information. This crisis is far from over. We have already had heartache and we will experience more. But we will also experience the strength of solidarity and know what can be accomplished when we have each other’s backs. Stay closely informed through our union communications, and stay together. There is more work to be done and as we know, agreements in principle only bear out when the other party knows we are ready to take action at anytime.

For tonight, stand tall knowing your leadership made a big difference for two million aviation families. And know that what you’ve accomplished can be a relief plan for the rest of the country too.

We are proud to stand with you.

In Solidarity,
Sara, Deb, and Kevin

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