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Section 7.Q.3 Reassignment Process is in Effect

Date: April 14, 2020


Effective April 11, 2020, our contractual reassignment provisions, detailed in Section 7.Q.3 of our JCBA will be utilized for all reassignments.  Flight Attendants needing assistance or clarification of the processes are encouraged to review Section 7.Q.3 of our Contract and the following visual overview.

  • Crew Scheduling will contact you to advise of the cancellation and any reassignment.

  • If no reassignment is available at the time you’re notified, Scheduling will add “MSG” in your master schedule which indicates your right to exercise one of the reassignment options outlined in Section 7.Q.3.a, 7.Q.3.b and 7.Q.3.c. 

  • Flight attendants who remain subject to reassignment under Section 7.Q.3.c and who wish to maintain pay protection for the loss of flying must contact Scheduling between 1800 and 2200 local time the day before the original trip was scheduled to depart. Upon receiving the call, Scheduling will either reassign the Flight Attendant or relieve him/her of all responsibility with no loss of pay. 

NOTE: Once Crew Scheduling modifies your pairing, they will update your master schedule and the pay protection will be visible on your pay register. 

Additional information is available on Unitedafa.org. Questions can be directed to your Local Council Representatives. 

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