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AFA Employee Assistance/Professional Standards – A Commitment to Help

Date: April 18, 2020

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to take its toll on our industry, our communities and the people who live within them. Many of us are struggling in our personal lives as we adjust to lower line values resulting in reduced income, “shelter in place” orders and the uncertainty of what tomorrow may bring. 


Yesterday, Oscar Munoz and Scott Kirby addressed the employees of United Airlines with a very candid, disheartening communication detailing the devastating effects the coronavirus has had on our industry and the challenging times we all will be facing well into next year. As some communities work their way through the challenges creating a glimmer of hope, it is critically important that we understand it will take considerable time before the public begins to relax and resume travel. Even when that occurs, it is unlikely that travel will resume at the same levels it was at prior to the pandemic.


Many of us are feeling anxious and a bit uneasy about our future. During a circumstance such as this, it is natural to feel stressed and uncertain. You are not alone. Your AFA EAP representatives are here to help. If you would like AFA EAP Support around COVID-19 related issues, please reach out to your Local Council AFA EAP Committee Members. 

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