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COVID-19 Financial Wellness Website by Fidelity Launched

Date: April 18, 2020

As part of the ongoing effort to support employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, the retirement group of United Airlines partnered with Fidelity Investments  to develop a COVID-19 Financial Wellness website. The targeted audience for this website are those of us participating in the 401(k) plans administered by Fidelity. Providing resources to assist in managing finances as well as providing clarity and up to date information from the CARES Act as it pertains to withdrawals and loans form their 401(k) account. 


While the temptations to withdraw to take advantage of the CARES Act hardship withdrawal from their 401(k) accounts with relaxed temptation and penalties may be overwhelming to assist in getting through these troubling times, we do not recommend this as your first course of action. This website is designed to be educational and designed to provide resources to ensure employees are considering the impact of such a decision on their future retirement savings plan. We encourage you to give the website a look.

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