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FAA Social Distancing Waiver Request Still Pending

Date: April 18, 2020

Last week, as a result of the advocacy of AFA, the company proactively blocked seats in the cabin that are located within close proximity to Flight Attendants jumpseats to continue ongoing support of social distancing between Flight Attendants and passengers.

This proactive decision has been applauded by Flight Attendants. Questions about when these social distancing policies will become effective as well as if changes to the safety demonstration procedures for oxygen masks and life vests will be updated as a result of requests from several airlines. 

As of today, the FAA is still reviewing the request from several airlines for a waiver through August 2020 to allow for social distancing on our planes. This would allow seating in passenger seats near doors where two Flight Attendants are normally sharing a jumpseat, as well as a waiver of donning oxygen masks and life vests during safety demonstrations. AFA supports this waiver request and we believe FAA will communicate on it soon.


For information on last week’s agreement with the company to block additional seats for Flight Attendant safety and the Temporary crew rest expansion announcement, visit www.unitedafa.org

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