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May Bid Package Information – Bidding Closes April 21, 2020

Date: April 18, 2020

In an effort to lessen any potential risk of spreading COVID-19, in consultation with United management, we have reached an agreement to suspend the printing of May bid packets in favor of using the electronic bid packets available via the Bidding tab on CCS.

Additionally, UBid also remains available as an alternate means of viewing bid packet content and is also accessible through the Biddingtab on CCS. If you elect to use UBid to view May Reserve lines, you should be aware the lines having more than 12 days off do not indicate the restorable (+) days.To view the restorable days, you will need to access the Reserve lines outside of UBid by selecting BID PACKETS within the BIDDING tab on CCS. 


If you are at a base and prefer a printed bid packet, please see an Inflight base management representative, who will arrange for one to be printed for you. As a reminder, the bid period closes Tuesday, April 21 at 0800 Home Domicile Time

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