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United Enacts COVID-19 Temperature Checks

Date: April 22, 2020

MEC Safety, Health and Security Committee

As United continues to strive to implement sensible health and safety practices to protect Flight Attendants during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has enacted mandatory temperature checks for all Inflight supervisors, leaders, and flight crew members:



Hours of Operation


FIS area near the North Security checkpoint

0330 – 2400


Liberty Conference room (level 3, near door 1)

0200 – 2400


Terminal E lobby

Terminal C baggage claim area

All day


United OZ Office, 3rd Floor Beside AMEX Centurion Lounge

0800 – 1000


Premier space room near United ticket counters

0430 – 2100


Concourse C, ramp level, hallway outside operations

0500 – 1900


Pacific and Atlantic Hold Rooms

Terminal 1, Baggage Carousel #3 across from KCM

0300 – 2200


Temperature screenings will launch the week of April 20 in DFW, LAS and PHX while other stations are in the planning process and will launch as soon as feasible.

Who is required to get a temperature screening? 

  • Temperature screenings are mandatory for the following:
  • Flight Attendants based at a station with temperature screenings, including both local and commuting Flight Attendants
  • Layover crews working a flight originating out of a station with temperature screenings that day
  • Inflight leaders working at a station with temperature screening
  • Temperature screenings are not mandatory for the following:
  • Flight Attendants who were temperature screened at the beginning of their duty day at another station – one screening per day is sufficient.
  • Flight Attendants who started their duty day at a station without a temperature screening 

How are temperature screenings conducted?

  • A health care professional or a member of the station management team will take your temperature with an infrared thermometer that limits physical contact
  • Flight Attendants who have a temperature reading below 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit will be given a sticker to place on their United badge to indicate they have passed the screening


What happens if I don’t pass the screening, or if I don’t want to participate? 

  • If a Flight Attendant doesn’t pass the screening:
  • Local Flight Attendants will be sent home and removed from their trip with their choice of management drop no pay (MDNP) or sick leave
  • Commuting Flight Attendants will be provided with company-paid lodging for one night and speak with United medical to discuss next steps, which include either going in the following day to take their temperature or speak with their personal physician.
  • If a Flight Attendant refuses to participate in the screening:

Flight Attendants who are required to participate but refuse the temperature screening will be sent home without pay.  If the refusal is made by a commuting Flight Attendant, they will be sent home on the next available flight and will be responsible for their own lodging should the next available flight be the next day.

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