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Cargo Ferry Flight Letter of Agreement Ensures Flight Attendant Staffing

Date: April 29, 2020

Letter of Agreement

As United management continues to work to meet the needs of the communities in which we operate around the world and to maximize opportunities to generate revenue, United has been approached to operate a number of cargo flights.  Unique to the operation of these cargo flights is the opportunity to carry cargo in the passenger cabin of the aircraft.  Where the cargo compartment of the aircraft has fire monitoring and suppression equipment installed, Flight Attendants provide this essential monitoring in the passenger cabins of our aircraft.

The creation of these unique cargo ferry flights creates opportunities for Flight Attendants.  While Flight Attendants will not be responsible for loading, unloading, or relocation of any cargo that is boarded in the cabin except as required in response to an inflight emergency situation, such as fire, etc., Flight Attendants will provide cabin coverage to monitor the passenger cabin for the safety of the flight.

Flight Attendant Staffing will be as follows:

Narrow Body Aircraft 
Flight Attendant Minimum – 2
On each domestic cargo ferry, one position will be assigned to a Domestic Purser. 

Wide Body Aircraft 
Flight Attendant Minimum - 4 
International Cargo Ferry will consist of one position will be assigned to International Purser. 

Flight Attendants will be provided Crew Rest consistent with the terms of our JCBA, Section 3.DD. Crew rest may be taken in the cabin or the crew bunk area, at the discretion of the Flight Attendant.  However, to ensure proper monitoring of the cabin, not more than one Flight Attendant can be on crew rest at any given time.

All other provisions of our Contract remain unchanged.

The United Master Executive Council acted to unanimously adopt the terms of the Letter of Agreement creating these additional work opportunities for our Members.

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