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E-Lines: April 29, 2020

Date: April 29, 2020




This is a challenging time for us all right now and we are committed to making sure that you always have relevant, timely and factual information. We are working hard during this global pandemic and closely following all Government and Public Health advice so what we do and how we do it protects you to stay as safe as possible. We are also working on the issues affecting you and our industry. We do this to keep you both safe and informed so that, together, we can confront the challenges before us. 

You can help by encouraging everyone to receive official Union communications. It’s important for everyone to stay in touch and engaged as we move forward together. There is a lot of important information on our websites and in our email communications. 

We encourage you to reach out to your friends and flying partners to sign up right now to receive our Union communications. E-Line’s is a twice weekly message with important special editions. Our Negotiations News, while currently on a temporary suspension, is focused on negotiations and will restart at the appropriate time. Our Negotiating Committee will continue to monitor the industry and the current situation at United Airlines. We anticipate being able to review the Negotiation Survey results soon, as the data analysis has been delayed due to the pandemic. Thank you for your participation in our Negotiations Survey. 

An engaged and informed community of Flight Attendants is more important than ever before. This unprecedented crisis will require all of us to stay focused on the facts. By signing up today you will receive timely, relevant and factual information that is important to our work life. Visit: unitedafa.org to SIGN UP FOR E- LINES and contract2021.org to SIGN UP FOR NEGOTIATIONS NEWS. 

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