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Update -Operations Incentive program, Perfect Attendance and M&A Merit Increases

Date: April 29, 2020

This evening, Kate Gebo, our EVP Human Resources and Labor Relations, wrote to all of us to talk about the Operations Incentive Program and our collective accomplishments in January and February of this year that earned each employee a $250 incentive bonus.

“In January and February of this year, we experienced the best performance for both D:00 and customer satisfaction in our history. As a result, we are going to pay out the operational incentive bonus of $250 per employee that eligible employees earned for the first quarter. While this may seem inconsistent with other actions we’re taking regarding cost control and cost reductions, you earned this money when we were operating in a pre-COVID world, and we want to acknowledge your hard work. If you’re eligible, the payment will appear in your paycheck in May.”

After acknowledging the difficult road that we all will be required to navigate in the months ahead, Kate communicated an equally difficult message to all employees: “Therefore, starting with the second quarter of 2020, we’re suspending the Quarterly Operations Incentive program as well as the Perfect Attendance program and payouts. In addition, we’ve decided to suspend 2020 merit salary increases for all M&A employees, including officers of the company.”

Kate’s message to all of us is an important one addressing changes to the Incentive Program and our airline’s future.  You’ll find the full text of her message here.

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