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COLA Reminders & Resource Conservation

Date: May 2, 2020

We express our appreciation to those of us who were able to enroll in one of the different Company Offered Leave of Absence (COLA) programs. Your sacrifice during this difficult time is appreciated by many. As many of us start the varying length COLAs today, May 1st, we’re still receiving a number of questions we want to provide clarity on.

As part of United’s overall cost reduction efforts, a number of changes have been implemented to company provided resources. 

Data plans on Link devices will be automatically disabled on the first day of your leave and will remain that way until you return to active status.  You are still able to use your LINK device and all applications and services, including corporate e-mail, using a wireless (WIFI) internet connection. 

Parking at all company provided facilities will be automatically disabled effective with the first day of your leave and will be enabled on the first day of your return to active status.  Inflight management will work with all of us to ensure parking is available in the event of an emergency. Contact your base leaders, in advance, to discuss your circumstances and your available options.

Known Crewmember Access (KCM) will be automatically disabled effective the first day of your leave and will be enabled when you return to active status.  24-72 hours lead time after your scheduled return to work date is necessary before your activeProvisions of the Commuter Program – Section 28 of our Contract status will be reflected in the KCM database. If you experience any difficulties, you can troubleshoot via e-mail to kcm@united.com

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