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CCS Message Irregularities when RLSD

Date: May 6, 2020

MEC Reserve Committee

Over the past several days, we have heard that many Reserves who had been released (RLSD) for the following day did not receive the usual CCS Priority Message notifying them of that information. Additionally, for those who had received messages, there were reports the date of assignment was incorrect. We speculate this may be related to the way COSMOS treats successive days of RLSD; that is, instead of posting individual days of RLSD, the system automation extends the RLSD period to encompass the additional day(s). The following is an example:

We have identified this as a problem to United’s IT department and we await an update on when this issue will be fixed. In the meantime, if you are uncertain about the assignment information presented in the CCS (acknowledgement) message sent, or if you do not receive a CCS message, we recommend that you check your Master Schedule to verify your assignment.

Contact your Local Council Reserve Committee if you have additional questions.

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