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COVID-19 Temperature Screening Locations

Date: May 6, 2020


Temperature screening locations and their hours of operation are listed in the following chart: 



Hours of Operation


Global Services Offices across for the ticket counter in the

Corner (Next to the ATM),

0500 – 0700

1130 – 1430

1530 – 1630

1930 – 2100


Cleveland Inflight Base during the 0500 – 1530 period

After 1530, go to CLE AO scanning location across for gate C14

0500 – 1530


FIS area near the North Security checkpoint

4th floor of the B Concourse, just outside DEN Inflight base 0530 – 1800 daily

0330 – 2400

0530 – 1800 daily


Terminal E, ticket counter

0330 – 2030


Liberty Conference Room (Level 3, near door 1)

0200 – 2400


At each departure gate

1:30 prior to departure until

1:15 prior to departure


Door 6, lower level next to Ground Transportation

Inflight base (Commuters only)

0330 -2330

0600 -1900


Terminal E Lobby

Terminal C Baggage Claim area

All day


Table near Gate 56

0500 – 1400


Two Eastern-most ticket counter positions near entrance from employee bus.(Outside of these hours, proceed to your gate for screening.)

0230 – 2200


United OZ Office, 3rdfloor beside AMEX Centurion Lounge

0800 – 1000


Premier space near United Ticket Counters

0430 – 2100


Concourse C, ramp level, hallway outside operations

0500 – 1900


Point 1:Space at baggage level near Baggage Service Office

0415 - 1700


Pacific & Atlantic Hold Rooms

Terminal 1, Baggage Carousel #3 across from KCM

Terminal 2 inside KCM

0300 – 2200


Ticket Counter in Main Lobby

Before 0500 or after 1400, at your departure gate and ask for a CS Supervisor or Lead to meet you at Customer Service Counter between gates A9-A10 – one hour prior to departure.

0500 – 1400


Near United Ticket Counter

0515 - 1615

Note:  According to established company guidelines, when a Flight Attendant does not “pass” the screening, the following occurs:

  • Local Flight Attendants will be sent home and removed from their trip with their choice of management drop, unpaid (MDNP) or she/he may use her/his sick leave.

  • Commuting Flight Attendants will be provided with company-paid lodging for one night and may speak with representatives from United medical to discuss next steps.  This may include going in the following day to take their temperature (again) or speaking with their personal physician.

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