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CCS Reserve Message Irregularities when Released (RLSD)

Date: May 13, 2020

In response to reports received from Local Council and through the advocacy of our MEC Reserve Committee, Crew Scheduling and IT management have completed work on revised procedures to be used Reserves are released during the 1930 process. In addition to simply inputting the "released" code (RLSD) on any given day, schedulers will now also manually input the start and end time of the RLSD period for each calendar day (0001-2359) when RLSD is applied to a Reserve schedule as shown below.




It is anticipated that this revised procedure will resolve the previously reported irregularities in CCS Priority Messages for Flight Attendants who are released for consecutive calendar days. The new procedures should result in a Priority Message being sent for each day RLSD is placed in the Reserve schedule and  the date indicated in the priority message should correctly correspond to the date of assignment.


If you are uncertain about the assignment information presented in a CCS (acknowledgement) message sent, or if you do not receive a CCS message, we recommend that you contact the Crew Desk to clarify your assignment.  Alternatively, you may elect to check your Master Schedule.

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