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United Expected to Announce Voluntary Separation Details End of May

Date: May 13, 2020


In an effort to minimize involuntary reductions in personnel, United management has announced new voluntary separation opportunities will be available towards the end of May. Last Friday, May 8th , in his message to Flight Attendants, John Slater reported

“ …we’ll be offering a new Voluntary Separation Program in the next few weeks. The details are being finalized, and the program will be available to most of our front-line employees toward the end of May. This will be an extremely valuable separation benefits package – and it will be the highest-value program that we will be able to offer. The program offering is being built based on feedback from the first Voluntary Separation Program, and will include elements of medical benefits, travel privileges, and even retirement benefits – tailored by age, years of service, and work group to provide you with the best program we can to meet your needs. The future of our airline is uncertain, and I have to ask you to give serious consideration to whether or not a voluntary separation makes sense for you and your family”.


It is anticipated the details of these Voluntary Separation Programs will be reviewed with the leadership of the Union and we will advocate for the best possible outcome. However, it should be understood that the Unions on the property are not in active negotiations over the terms of these programs.

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