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Supplemental Insurance Premium Options while on Leave of Absence (LOA)

Date: May 15, 2020

MEC Benefits Committee

Flight Attendants enrolled in voluntary supplemental insurance plans that have opted to participate in a Company Offered Leave of Absence (LOA) beginning June 1st, should be aware of how their premium obligations will be addressed during the period of leave:

NGP CAIC Supplemental Insurance Plans

  • Premiums Suspended During Leave of Absence (LOA)
  • Your coverage will continue without interruption during the LOA
  • Premiums are not due during the LOA
  • CAIC will honor claims during the LOA
  • No action is required on your part to maintain your coverage.

This document provides detailed information on this exceptional benefit. For questions regarding your CAIC policies 1-800-344-9016 or e-mail service@ngp-ins.com


AllState Supplemental Insurance Plans

  • To maintain continuous coverage you will need to advise Allstate that you are on a leave and that you need to switch to direct billing - contact a Allstate representative 888-282-2550 - Option# 5
  • The representative will verify all your personal contact information and switch you over to the payment service center they use to arrange direct email billing. 
  • If you do not call them you will not be automatically switched over to direct billing.

Note: Paper billing is not available during the COVID-19 crisis, however, your billing statement will be emailed to you. Once your COLA is over you can resume payroll deduction by contacting this same Allstate representative again or you may elect to leave direct billing in place. 

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