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July Special COLA and Job Share Opportunities

Date: May 20, 2020


In response to the continuing capacity reductions into the July bid month, Special COLAs will be available starting the first day of the July schedule month as follows:

July 2020 One Month Special COLA


One month

July 2020 Two Month Special COLA

July – August

Two month

July 2020 Three Month Special COLA

July - September

Three month

Timeline for submitting bids and publication of Awards:

Flight attendants interested in these Special COLAs should submit their request via CCS under the "Leaves" drop down menu. Select - Special COLA.

If you are willing to accept a Special COLA of more than one duration, please indicate the one you prefer as they will be awarded at the same time.
Flight Attendants currently on a May Special COLA or June Special COLA overlapping into July can elect to extend their Special COLA by bidding for the two, and three-month options starting in July.

Bids Close

Tuesday June 2, 2020 at 8:00 AM Central Time


All Flight Attendants including those currently on a Special COLA

Awards Posted

Before July Bids Open and Prior to any Job Share Announcements


These Special COLAs include medical benefits at active employee rates. Additionally, pay and vacation longevity are not impacted for step increases. Flight Attendants awarded the July Special COLAs will be required to complete any overlapping assignments into the July bid month. 

Additional information on COLAs can be found by referencing our Contract Sections 15.B & 15.N. of our Contract and by 
Referencing the special COLA program information documents on Flying Together > Inflight Services > Crew Scheduling.

July Job Shares

After Crew Scheduling awards Special COLAs for July, Job Shares will be taken into consideration.

*Note: The number of Job Shares awarded will not be determined until after July Special COLAs are awarded. Job Share awards will be published prior to the opening of July bids. 

July Job Share Opportunities


Bids Close

Wednesday, May 20that 10:00 (HDT)

There is no contractual line minimum for flight attendants participating in a Job Share program. Flight attendants are guaranteed only for pairings or other activity within their schedule.

Once awarded a Job Share, use Help Hub (search keyword Job Shares) to submit the form designating how you would like to split your line award. 

Additional information regarding the contractual Job Share provision can be found in Section 16 of our Contract.  Details related to submitting Job Share requests can be obtained in the "COLA, Job Share and Multiple-Month Partnership Program Overview” document found on Flying Together > Inflight Services > Crew Scheduling > Partnerships, COLAs and Job Shares.

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