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Prolonged Processing Times to Restore Reserve Days of Availability (+)

Date: May 20, 2020

MEC Reserve Committee

Earlier this afternoon, Flight Attendants were advised that requests for Restoration of Reserve Days of Availability are being processed as soon as possible and in the order restoration requests are received in Help Hub.

We understand the frustration that many of you are reporting waiting for this process to be completed in order to conduct other scheduling transactions or trades.  We share in your frustration especially given the recommendation from the Union for the company to build some of the Reserve schedules with the contractual twelve (12) minimum days off simply to avoid the computer work involved in processing the restoration and the resulting frustration while waiting for this work to be done.   

The company’s Reserve parameters for June established that all Reserve schedules systemwide would be built with 16 days off and a corresponding Reserve Guarantee of 61:32. Now, while Flight Attendants wait for these days to be restored to enter in trades and other scheduling transaction, Crew Planning representatives are spending an inordinate amount of time working to restore the days of availability and Reserve guarantee for Flight Attendants who would have preferred to bid full schedules with twelve (12) days off.

Further complicating this effort are the ongoing “work-from-home” procedures in place for employees due to efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the recent Willis Tower closure due to flooding, coupled with the extremely high volume of Flight Attendants submitting requests, the company has informed us that processing times for Reserve (+) day restoration will likely be impacted.  While promises have been made that this process will be completed prior to the start of the June schedule month, we are very focused on reminding the company of the importance of the 23rd date and to ensure this process does not impact trading. 

While we know you seek to adjust your schedules, Flight Attendants should exercise caution when processing day off trades to ensure they do not move “+” days that they intend to have restored to days of availability or enter into trades that will create other legalities when restoring the days of availability, for example, 1:7. The restorable designation is tied to the specific location in the schedule and not the OFF day itself. Said another way, you cannot trade a restorable day until the day is restored. An OFF day designated as restorable (+) that is traded from its original location to elsewhere in the schedule will no longer be a restorable day.

Review our FAQ document on restoring Reserve (+) days to include the most current information. If you have additional questions not addressed here, please contact your Local Council Reserve Committee.

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